Bibliographies DMT

Single Wire Myograph

Calcium oscillations in human mesenteric vascular smooth muscle
Navarro-Dorado, Garcia-Alonso, van Breemen, Tejerina, Fameli

TMEM16A knockdown abrogates two different Ca2+-activated Cl – currents and contractility of smooth muscle in rat mesenteric small arteries
Dam VS, Boedtkjer DM, Nyvad J, Aalkjaer C, Matchkov V.


Multi-Wire Myograph

“Running Performance at High Running Velocities Is Impaired but V’O2max and Peripheral Endothelial Function Are Preserved in IL-6(-/-) Mice”
Wojewoda M., Kmiecik K., Ventura-Clapier R., Fortin D., Onopiuk M., Jakubczyk J., Sitek B., Fedorowicz A., Majerczak J., Kaminski K., Chlopicki S., Zoladz JA.
Matthias R. Meyera, Natalie C. Fredettea, Matthias Bartiónb, Eric R. Prossnitza
Confocal Myograph

“Calcium oscillations in human mesenteric vascular smooth muscle”

Navarro-Dorado J., Garcia-Alonso M., van Breemen C., Tejerina T., Fameli N.


Pressure pulsation wire myograph
“Non-endothelial endothelin counteracts hypoxicvasodilation in porcine large coronary arteries”
Hedegaard ER, Stankevicius E, Simonsen U, Fröbert O.


Preeclampsia alters androgen metabolite-induced vasorelaxation of rat uterine artery

AE Hanson, JN Stallone – The FASEB Journal, 2017 – FASEB
… Endothelium intact UA rings (200 μm, dia.) from normal pregnant (NP) and
DOCA-treated pregnant (DSP) female (F) Sprague-Dawley rats (250–300g) were
prepared for measurements of isometric contractile force (DMT myograph) …

Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) attenuates diet-induced aortic stiffening independent of changes in body composition

T Garner, A Ouyang, AJ Berrones… – Applied Physiology …, 2017 – NRC Research Press
… Aortic segments that were approximately 2 mm in length were removed and placed on two
200-μm wire pins in a preheated DMT Myograph 620M (Danish Myo Technology, Ann Arbor,
Mich., USA) well containing calcium and magnesium-free phosphate-buffered saline (PBS …

Interaction between angiotensin II (ANGII) receptor 1A (AT1AR) and adenosine receptors in the control of vascular function in mouse aorta and mesenteric arteries

VR Yadav, B Teng, JS Mustafa – The FASEB Journal, 2017 – FASEB
… We used DMT wire myograph for MAs and organ bath for aortas to perform concentration
response curves (CRCs) to various agonists. Our data showed a significant increase in
contraction to A 1 AR agonist CCPA in MAs isolated from AT1A KO …

The Anthelminthic Niclosamide And Related Compounds Represent Potent TMEM16A Antagonists That Fully Relax Mouse And Human Airway Rings

K Miner, D Mohn, R Elliott, D Powers… – C26. ASTHMA IN …, 2017 – Am Thoracic Soc
… To further evaluate this series, we used the DMT wire myograph system with mouse tracheal
rings and human bronchi which involves a wake up protocol, a carbachol dose response and
calculation of EC75 to contract rings, and finally a cumulative dose response of test …

 Antioxidant and vasorelaxant activities induced by northeastern Brazilian fermented grape skins

JGF Albuquerque, VL Assis… – BMC …, 2017 – bmccomplementalternmed …
… branches of the superior mesenteric arteries were identified, dissected, and ring segments
(1.5–2.0 mm in length), were mounted in the Mulvany apparatus, composed of a small vessel
chamber, and a myograph for isometric tension measurements (DMT® myograph 610 M …