Wire Myography, Pressure, Tissue baths, Advanced Langendorff

DMT is a life science company with more than thirty years of experience in development, manufacture and sale of hardware and software for exvivo studies in physiology, pharmacology and toxicology.

Their products are beautifully designed scientific instrument offering very high-end, reliable products by utilising first class mechanical, electrical and software engineering to become one of the worlds leading designers and manufacturer of :

> Wire Myographs – Single, Dual, Multi-, Automated, Confocal

>Pressure Myographs – Lumen Pressure, Longitudinal force, Confocal imaging, wall thickness, lumen X-section; Pulsatile Pressure systems, Culture Sysems to allow  imaging under sterile culture conditions all available. 

> Muscle Strip Myographs – Cardiac or Skeletal strips up to 19mm/ 30mm. With stimulation capabilities.

Tissue Organ Bath Systems Horizontal multichamber, Vertical Quad bath systems with new Air Heating, SMALL system footprint; Student Singe Channel Air Heated units


> Advanced Langendorff unit – Constant PRESSURE and Constand FLOW

They provide complete and integrated technologies including surgical, electrophysiological, pharmacological and physiological tools used by the research community and the pharmaceutical industry.


Please talk to us about your needs and the available solutions.