About us

AdvanceTech Private Limited

Supporting your life sciences intiatives

 Advancetech Private Limited has been offering high quality scientific equipment for Research and Educations to colleges, private and government institutes, medical colleges, polytechnics and universities, for almost 20 years now.

Our people have been in this business serving you for almost 30 years now.

Backed with a good competent level of application support and sensible equipment after-sales service and experience, we are able to help you and want to be your first partners to consult with for your life science initiatives for research and teaching.

We have good experience with with Cardiovascular, Neuroscience & Respiration applications, for a wide range of  preclinical and some clinical application studies.

Do let us know your needs

For our partner manufactuirers, we aim to have a long-lasting mutually successful business, gaining market share, enhancing reputation and providing excellent service, through diligent marketing, sales and after-sales strategies.

We believe that long after the price is forgotten, the service we provided will still be remembered and appreciated.