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Autonomic cardiovascular response during the isometric Cuban test of the sustained weight

M Sanchez-Hechavarria, R Carrazana-Escalona… – The FASEB Journal, 2017 – FASEB
… Objective Determining the autonomic cardiovascular response during the isometric Cuban test
of the sustained weight … pressure measurement and analysis of the variability of the RR intervals
(HRV) from DII derivation of ECG record (1kHz) using Powerlab® ADInstruments …

Evidence of a Cardiovascular Function for Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau

AH Betrie, S Ayton, AI Bush, JA Angus… – Journal of …, 2017 –
… Here, we explore the presence of tau protein in the heart, and its potential function in the
cardiovascular system … Tissue contractions were recorded using an isometric force transducer
connected to a PowerLab 8SP (ADInstruments, Bella Vista, NSW, Australia) …

Fetal-growth-restricted preterm infants display compromised autonomic cardiovascular control on the first postnatal day but not during infancy

E Cohen, FY Wong, EM Wallace, JC Mockler… – Pediatric …, 2017 –
… Sleep state was scored off-line using standard infant criteria (46). Data Analysis. Data analysis
was performed off-line (LabChart V6, ADInstruments, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia). To
investigate autonomic cardiovascular control, we performed HRV and BRS analysis (.

Autonomic cardiovascular control and sports classification in Paralympic athletes with spinal cord injury

CR West, AV Krassioukov – Disability and rehabilitation, 2017 – Taylor & Francis
… Powerlab/16SP model ML795; ADInstruments, Colorado Springs, CO) interfaced with a computer,
and stored for subsequent offline analysis (Powerlab version 7.2, ADInstruments). We only col-
lected SSR data on 28 athletes (n ¼ 16 rugby). Cardiovascular assessment …


Open-Source, Low Cost, Free-Behavior Monitoring, and Reward System for Neuroscience Research in Non-human Primates

T Libey, EE Fetz – Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2017 –
Neuroscience research has often used non-human primates as the best animal model for
behavioral and … transmission are available from various vendors, including Triangle Biosystems
(, AD instruments (, Ripple …

Chronic treatment with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor increases cardiac fibrosis in young rats submitted to early ovarian failure

SGV Dutra, ACS Felix, AC Gastaldi, TDP Facioli… – … Neuroscience, 2017 – Elsevier
… Volume 206, September 2017, Pages 28-34. Autonomic Neuroscience … The femoral artery catheter
was attached to a pressure transducer (MLT844, ADInstruments, Bella Vista … Next, signals were
amplified through a bridge amplifier (FE117, AD Instruments, Bella Vista, Australia …

Non-invasive approach for the assessment of sympathetic baroreflex function: A feasibility study

B Paleczny, A Siennicka, P Ponikowski… – … Neuroscience, 2017 – Elsevier
… Autonomic Neuroscience. Volume 203, March 2017, Pages 108–112 … Data were acquired using
an analog-to-digital converter (PowerLab 16/30, ADInstruments, Australia) and laptop with data
acquisition software (LabChart 7, ADInstruments) and sampled at 1 kHz. 2.3 …

An Acute Exposure to Muscle Vibration Decreases Knee Extensors Force Production and Modulates Associated Central Nervous System Excitability

R Souron, T Besson, CJ McNeil, T Lapole… – … Human Neuroscience, 2017 –
… Frontiers in Human Neuroscience … EMG signals were amplified with an octal bio-amplifier (ML138,
ADInstruments, Bella Vista, Australia), bandpass filtered (5–500 Hz) and analog-to-digitally
converted at a sampling rate of 2000 Hz by PowerLab System (16/35, ADInstruments)


Multi-biophysical event detection using blind source separated audio signals

J Stanger, M Felicetti, M Jenkins, E Custovic – CMBEBIH 2017, 2017 – Springer
… Heart rate was measured using a piezo-electric pulse transducer (model TN1012/ST,
ADInstruments Pty Ltd, Australia). Respiration was measured using a piezo-electric belt
transducer (model MLT1132, ADInstruments Pty Ltd, Australia) …

Tidal volume and instantaneous respiration rate estimation using a volumetric surrogate signal acquired via a smartphone camera

BA Reyes, N Reljin, Y Kong, Y Nam… – IEEE journal of …, 2017 –
… smartphone-recorded volumetric surrogate signal, a spirometer system consisting of a respiration
flow head connected to a differential pressure transducer to measure air- flow was used to record
the airflow signal (MLT1000L, FE141 Spirometer, ADInstruments, Inc., Dunedin …

[HTML][HTML] An Acute Bout of a Controlled Breathing Frequency Lowers Sympathetic Neural Outflow but not Blood Pressure in Healthy Normotensive Subjects

SL MCCLAIN, AM BROOKS… – International Journal of …, 2017 –
Respiration was measured with a piezoelectric respiratory belt transducer (ADInstruments,
Colorado Springs, CO). Microneurography was used to record MSNA from a recording
electrode that was placed into the peroneal nerve at the popliteal fossa …

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Substance Use Disorders: Effects on Cardiac Vagal Control and Craving Under Stress

H Carroll, MKB Lustyk – Mindfulness, 2017 – Springer
… intercostal and grounded below the left clavicle. A Piezo respiratory belt transducer
(ADInstruments) placed at diaphragmatic level continuously monitored respiration.
An auto-inflating sphygmomanometer placed on the non …

Effects of age and viscosity on food transport and breathing–swallowing coordination during eating of two‐phase food in nursing home residents

T Yamada, K Matsuo, M Izawa… – Geriatrics & …, 2017 – Wiley Online Library
… As a result, 148 recordings (72 of young participants and 76 of older participants) were
obtained for analysis. Respiration was monitored using a respiratory plethysmograph
(ADInstruments Japan, Nagoya, Japan). The plethysmograph …