LT-Online…On your marks, Get set, Go!

Lt – Future-proofing your course: How Ed Merritt moved his lab-based course online in a matter of weeks.

5 Jun 2020
Ed Merritt

Like many educators around the world, Ed Merritt, kinesiology lecturer at Southwestern University, Texas, has been tasked with the challenge of finding a suitable solution to teach his lab-based courses remotely.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Ed had had little experience with ADInstruments’ equipment. He had used a PowerLab for undergraduate research, but never in a teaching environment. But this didn’t stop him from embracing the unknown and trialing our online learning platform Lt as a remote learning solution.

We asked Ed to share the biggest challenges of moving his lab-based courses online and his experience using Lt to deliver his lessons and labs remotely…

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Going online in a hurry

‘Two big challenges with switching to online teaching were the short time frame in which we had to switch, and the considerations for how to actually get interactive laboratory content. ADInstruments was one of the first online content providers that reached out to me once everything was shut down, and initially, that was a big reason why I used them. They kept the barrier to entry low and were very responsive from the beginning.’

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