POWERLAB – Powerful, friendly data acquisition units

POWERLAB units are Internationally recognised and widely popular Research and Teaching Tools.
Offering simplicity in connections to same brand signal conditioners, or  3rd party instruments,  Powerlabs are very reliable data acquisitions units.


Built for precision, our research range of PowerLabs are engineered to give you high quality, reproducible data while meeting the strictest international safety standards.

Research PowerLabs provide 16-bit resolution on all gain ranges for high resolution on even the smallest of signals. Each channel has individual filters and noise reduction circuitry for minimal channel crosstalk and signal noise. All research PowerLabs have 2 analog outputs, a trigger input and offer a 5 year product warranty.

Highly functional and adaptable for even the most demanding of applications, there is a research PowerLab to suit your requirements.


The ideal DAQ solution for life science classroom experiments. PowerLab supports engaging, hands-on learning with simple set-up and good quality data. Will handle repeated and heavy use by students and maintain data accuracy and reliability.

The T Series PowerLab is an economically priced high quality DAQ unit with built-in, fully isolated, two-channel bio amplifier, isolated stimulator, separate non-isolated analog inputs and a differential-mode analog output.

All our Powerlabs and are Certified to International standards CE, ISO, UL, CSA